Cape Town Threads: South Africa Fashion Week

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Fashion doesn’t always come with a Parisian address. Our friend and fellow After Hours Athlete Harry Haddon gave up a night at the pub to check out Cape Town couture.

To be an all-around After Hours Athlete, you have to excel at more than just one underground sport. It’s not enough to crush karaoke or show off your parkour skills at 02:00, sometimes you have to take on the swankier side of the late-night lifestyle.

And with Cape Town Fashion Week upon us, I decided to brush up on the world of catwalks, fashion editors, designers and, of course, models.

I emerged from the experience unscathed except for a massive hangover. Here are a few tips to get you through any fashion week the world over.

1. Eat Before You Go

Really. Eat all you can. The bar was always easy to find (this is Cape Town after all), but snacks were harder to come by than a front row seat at the biggest shows. On the opening night at City Hall, food was limited to dessert display on top of which models lounged. Despite being perched among madeleines and macaroons, the models didn’t take a bite. I have it on good authority they subsist solely on champagne and cigarettes.

2. Look the Part

Even if you’re only at a show to ogle the beautiful men and women strutting the catwalk, all you have to do to look like the editor of Vogue is have a notepad in front of you and whisper to the person next to you. I was given this tip and took it up with great enthusiasm--most of my whispers were about being hungry--the problem was that I went by myself, and my neighbor didn't care a jot that I hadn't eaten all day. Next time? I’m bringing my teammates (and a sandwich).

3. Show Off Your Style

The best thing about attending fashion week? You can rock your most ridiculous outfits. Only during Cape Town Fashion week could I have walked through the Cape Town International Convention Centre in a leopard print blazer, silk shirt, skinny jeans and feathered headpiece without turning anyone's head.

And be prepared to answer fashion week’s favorite question: Who are you wearing? If you’re doing it right, the answer, of course, is PUMA. (We suggest the latest collabs from Black Label.)


Photos courtesy of Genevieve Akal.