Bolt talks with the London Evening Standard

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When we come across a ?new? interview with Usain Bolt, we generally start reading with a little skepticism. Seldom do we learn anything new. Rarely do we encounter the charisma and humor that is Bolt. But Matt Majendie of the London Evening Standard shows journalists everywhere how it?s done. Kudos to Matt. A few excerpts follow.
MM: Is it physically possible for you to run the 100m in nine seconds dead?
UB: No - maybe in my car but not running, no way.

MM: Chrissie (Ohuruogu when she trained with you in Jamaica) tells of you being bent double on the track after a training session. All we ever see at competitions is this laid-back guy on the track but would it be fair to say you're more of a hard worker than people realise?
UB: You cannot succeed in track and field without some extremely hard work. All the athletes who come to train with us in Jamaica are surprised at how hard we work. When they train with us they understand why it is we run so fast when it comes to races.

MM: If you could be any sportsman in the world right now, who would it be and why?
UB: I am pretty happy being Usain Bolt but with the football World Cup coming up in the summer, I wouldn't mind being Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo - three of the greatest players out there at the moment. Any of them would be fine.

MM: What's the oddest thing a fan's ever given you?
UB: I get a lot of crazy gifts and letters. One fan wanted to give me a door to a classic car but it was a bit difficult to transport back to Jamaica.

MM: If you weren't an athlete what would you do - just lounge around on the sofa at home perhaps?!
UB: I guess if I wasn't an athlete in some sport I would have to have a job. Sitting on the sofa doesn't pay the bills!

And before sharing the link, one final response from UB: I respect every other athlete on the track right now. I would be foolish not to. Okay, I'm in a strong position at the moment but there are many other good athletes who will be gunning for gold in London.

You can enjoy the full interview here.