Bolt and PUMA Launch the Bolt Collection!

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The man with the fastest moves now has a wardrobe to match...

Usain Bolt told us he needed gear to wear when he's not cruising down the track in his spandex. He shared his favorite colors, styles, music, and patois phrases. And after several rounds of design and feedback and video games, we created one statement collection to represent the man with the fastest moves on record: the Bolt Collection.

The Bolt Crest appears across the Bolt Collection. It blends elements of Bolt’s heritage and personality with signature graphics and color schemes. Here’s a break down of what it’s all about.

  • The Lion’s Head: An iconic symbol of Jamaican culture, plus it's Bolt's zodiak sign (Leo)

  • The Lightning Bolt: Usain’s (more than appropriate) nickname

  • The Track: Or what Usain likes to call, “the office”

  • The Sun: Jamaica and sun are synonymous

  • To Di World: The name of Usain's legendary victory pose

Interested in viewing the collection?  Check out the products section of our site.