Big Up to Calabar on Champs Win

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Calabar High School in Kingston, Jamaica roared to victory last weekend at the 103rd ISSA Boys' and Girls' Athletics Championships – taking first, breaking records, and getting props from none other than Usain Bolt.

The 2013 Champs kept us on our toes – with Calabar entering the final day of the competition in third place behind Jamaica College and Kingston College. The KC cheering section, complete with drums and horns, amped things up and Fastest Man Usain Bolt tweeted that this was “the year of breaking records.”

And then Calabar wrapped Champs up in a bow with 299 points.

They were followed by Jamaica College with 258.5, Kington College with 247.5, Wolmer's Boys with 121, St. Jago with 107, and Munro College with 98. All six of the top schools are part of the PUMA Athletics family.

Champs 2013

Photos courtesy of Bryan Cummings