Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2013 Collection

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Folklore and Peasantry

Listen to the pipes and fiddles and how they haunt and then watch how their melody rolls like fog over the landscape into the hills dotted with ribbons and tattered flags. This is Alexander McQueen’s realm, where a shoe is never simply a shoe but rather a time and place. This season visits England’s historic hillsides, once a trove of honest work and piety and pagan tradition. Many of the country’s deepest, most lasting traditions came from this humble pageantry: filled with Morris dancers and ale and barbs and playfulness; packed with effigies, swords, sticks, and rhythmic paces around the Maypole. The collection reveres historic weaving motifs, washed out aesthetics, Britannia stitching, and earthy, grimy landscapes. Its premium quality is marked by humble overtones and performance overlays. Its craftsmanship recalls the value of a good day’s work by one’s own hands. Its air is moody—as it always is within McQueen’s realm. Moody but rich, irreverent, and as rhythmic as any Morris dancer.

Black Label