9.58 Qs with Work It

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'90s vibes reign supreme in London’s East End

A long time ago, way back in April 2008, Work It was born. Hailing from the Visions Video Bar in Hackney and founded by Loren Platt and Sara El-Dabi, this concept night was the love-child of acid wash jeans and big hair, and it infused 90s nostalgia into London’s East End. Pure R&B and plenty of hip hop all night long. Work It brings all the 90s classics, glamour, and attitude to the PUMA YARD. If you’re looking to rock, then get a ticket and stop by. Bring your own air guitar.

1. What do you have for breakfast the morning of a performance?

Protein shake with mixed berries or a fry up!

2. What’s your favorite spot in London?
Watching the sun set on Hampstead Heath, with friends and good food.

3. When are you most happy?
At our club night vibing out.

4. Name the most inspiring place in the world.
Ridley Road Market

5. Do you own an air guitar?
No, but we own an air drum kit. Saving up for a vocoder.

6. Which question are you asked the most when interviewed?
Why do you love the 90s?

7. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Sounds really boring but life would be so much easier if we didn’t have to sleep.

8. Did you play sports growing up? Do you play now?
We both played netball at school (the height helps) but now we get our main exercise from power walking on Hackney Downs…whilst brainstorming.

9.58. One lump? Or two?
Why have one when you can have two? 

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