2010 PUMA Battle Royale IV Race Recap

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On Friday, May 7, 2010, a competitive field of 13 men started in the 2010 PUMA Battle Royale IV aka Last Man Standing 5K. This was not your typical 5K race though; after each lap, the runner in last place was pulled off the track by the referee (Robai) until the ?Last Man Standing? remained. The race took place during the Henderson Invitational in West Chester, PA. Here?s how it went down?
Michael LoSapio took the early lead with a 62 second quarter and a brisk 28 second 200 meter dash to follow. Jeremy Brady was the first man pulled out at 600 meters, but in the process, he got tangled up and took down Chris Clarke who hit the track hard but quickly caught back up to the pack.

The next man out was Joe Dare followed by early pace setter, LoSapio. Aaron Braun and Ryan Blood battled hard during the next lap with a $150 bonus going to the mile leader. Braun took the money and the lead, while Darryl Brown was pulled off the track.

As the field began to string out, a surge was thrown in by Brian Medigovich at the 2K mark, causing a three man breakaway to form with Blood and Braun close behind. Kyle Carrick was the next man out followed by Chris Geddis. The wounded Clarke made a huge comeback and picked off PUMA?s Max Smith at the 3K. The money went five deep so Clarke and Brian Fuller fought hard for fifth place. Clarke dug deep dropping Fuller, but he could not move up any further. Jon Phillips finished fourth.

With two laps to go, it was an exciting three man race between Medigovich, Blood, and Braun. The crowds gathered close onto the track and in-field screaming for the runners. Blood surged to the front and Braun hung in there behind him; Medigovich was out. Blood?s surge took too much out of him though, and Braun moved to the front. The roaring crowds enveloped him as he ran the last 50 meters. Braun took the win earning $1500.00 and the celebrated title of ?Last Man Standing?!

When asked about the race, here?s what runner-up Blood had to say, ?This race was unlike anything I've ever done before. Overall it was a great atmosphere to run in. This was one of the funnest 5K's I have ever run.?

Special thanks to Ref Robai! And, congratulations to all 2010 PUMA Battle Royale Competitors!

Order of Finishers:
13 - Jeremy Brady
12 - Joe Dare
11 - Mike LoSapio
10 - Darryl Brown
9 - Kyle Carrick
8 - Chris Geddis
7 - Max Smith
6 - Brian Fuller
5 - Chris Clarke
4 - Jon Phillips
3 - Brian Medigovich
2 - Ryan Blood
1 - Aaron Braun