The nature of the Faas Family They make every runner feel at home

Engineered for efficiency, every member of the Faas family gives you a light-on-your-feet ride. With models for all gaits and body types, there's something for everybody within the Faas family.

Get to know Faas

Easy Naming

You know they run faas in Jamaica. That sort of speed is built right in to your Faas shoes.
Faas names are simple. Style names adhere to its FaasFoam Cushioning Scale number.
The additional suffix at the end of the name helps you identify where to use the shoe:

  • N = Neutral
  • R = Race
  • TR = Trail
  • S = Stability

What is Faas?

Technical Minimalism

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

  • Highlight-faasfoam

    FaasFoam+ One-Piece Midsole

    Cushioning, stability and flexibility engineered into the midsole for reduced weight and a smoother gait cycle

  • Highlight-outsole

    Faas Engineered Recessed Outsole

    Provides inherent stability and more torsional rigidity without TPU

  • Highlight-fflite


    FaasFoamLite provides a softer yet responsive ride underfoot

  • Highlight-everfit

    EverFit Lace System

    Upper lockdown technology that ties into the laces, secures the midfoot and/or heel without inhibiting the foot’s natural movement

  • Highlight-no-sew-overlays

    No Sew Overlays

    Seamless and lightweight support and an enhanced fit

  • Highlight-heel

    Decoupled Heel

    Slows the rate of pronation without adding plastics or dual densities

  • Highlight-forefoot-grooves

    Deeper Forefoot Flex Grooves

    Provides a smoother transition and easier toe-off

  • Highlight-forefoot-lockdown

    Forefoot Lockdown

    Locks foot to the midsole and provides a secure fit without added weight or bulk

  • Highlight-webcage


    Provides support and protection in the midfoot and heel

  • Highlight-7

    Women's Specific: Asymmetrical Forefoot

    Engineered for a sleeker and enhanced fit

  • Highlight-8

    Women's Specific: Bunion Zone

    Less overlays to better accommodates bunions

FaasFOAM PUMA‘s proprietary blend of EVA and rubber that creates one of
the most resilient and durable yet lightweight foams in the industry.
FaasFoam+ is lighter and more resilient, yet just as durable. FaasFoamLite provides a softer yet responsive ride underfoot.

Women's Offerings

Designed specifically for the female shape.

  • Deconstructed-upper

    Deconstructed Upper

    Minimal Upper Construction for increased flexibility and support for the female foot

  • Offerings-2

    Centered Heel Cleft

    Takes into consideration the nuances of the female foot

  • Offerings-3

    Deeper Flex Grooves

    Allow for a smoother transition and an easier toe-off

  • Offerings-4

    Wider Forefoot and Narrower Heel

    Made to better fit the female shape

  • Bunion-zone

    Bunion Zone

    Less overlays to better accomodates bunions

Heel-to-Toe-Drop Options

There are two types of running gait strikes —
Traditional and Minimal. Faas offers Heel-to-Toe Drop (HTD) options for both.

Traditional Heel Striker: >=8mm HTD Natural Mid/Forefoot Striker: <=6mm HTD

One-Piece Midsole Construction

Faas midsoles do not have any overbuilt elements,
such as medical posts, plates, or shanks.

  • Forefoot Flex Grooves

    Forefoot Flex Grooves

    Allow for a smoother transition and an easier toe-off

  • EverRide


    Blown rubber outsole provides extra cushioning during toe-off

  • Inherent Support

    Inherent Support

    Engineered in the midsole through a filled in midfoot

  • EverTrack


    High abrasion resistant rubber utlized in high wear areas for added durability

Faas Engineered Stability

The stability you need is sculted right into the midsole,
which means no posts, shanks or extra weight.

  • Engineering-recessed

    Outsole recessed further into the Midsole

  • Engineering-flare

    Increased medial midsole flare

  • Engineering-heights

    Higher medial midsole heights