7 May

PUMA Battle Royale IV, a.k.a. Last Man Standing

PUMA is once again bringing some excitement to the track. The PUMA Battle Royale IV, a.k.a. Last Man Standing is one of the most unique track events in the world. 13 athletes will step on the track for a 5 kilometer race. But here's the catch. After each lap, the runner in last place will be pulled from the track, eventually leaving the winner to bask in the glory of a solo lap of victory. Last Man Standing is a thinking person's race. So much strategery to contemplate. Do you push the pace hard from the gun, to keep it honest? Or are you confident that you'll always be able to outkick the slowest athlete each lap? Not only is Battle Royale supremacy on the line, but as with any good fight, so is cold hard cash. Rules: - 13 runners start the race. Each lap, the runner in last place will be pulled from the track by the referee until only one remains. He will be crowned the 2010 PUMA BATTLE ROYALE, a.k.a. Last Man Standing Champion. - Performing any illegal holds or maneuvers, such as excessive spiking to the leg of an opponent when he/she is entering oxygen debt, hair-pulling, choking or biting an opponent, or repeatedly punching with a closed fist are all subject to a referee-administered disqualification. - Any outside interference involving a person not involved in the race striking or holding a runner is forbidden. If a heel attempts to interfere but is ejected from the track by a runner or referee before this occurs, there is usually no disqualification. Prize Money: 1. $1500 2. $1000 3. $500 4. $250 5. $100 $150 bonus for leader at the mile. Entries (still pending): Max Smith ( 3:55 Mile PR) Brian Medigovich ( 13:29 5K PR) Ryan Blood (14:02 5K PR) Aaron Braun (13:36 5k PR) Jon Phillips (14:04 5K PR Chris Clark ( 13:51 5K PR) Brian Fuller (4:02 Mile PR) Chris Pannone (28:49 10K PR) Pat Mellea (4:03 Mile PR) Jeremy Brady (14:22 5K PR) Joe Dare (29:32 10K PR) Chris Geddis (14:35 5K PR) Kyle Carrick (2:32 Marathon PR) Read more about about the PUMA Battle Royale, aka Last Man Standing.

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