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March 2012

  • What Does "Fast" Mean to You?

    What Does "Fast" Mean to You?

    March 05, 2012

    What makes you feel fast?

  • Faastest Indian

    Faastest Indian

    March 02, 2012

    Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and never waits for anything! Speed is synonymous with the people of the city with everyone in a hurry to make it to their next appointment. Everywhere you look, you see someone moving fast to hop on the train that is about to depart, grab that rickshaw before someone else gets it or that spot in traffic before it evaporates like magic.

February 2012

January 2012

  • How Do You Know When It’s Time for New Shoes?

    How Do You Know When It’s Time for New Shoes?

    January 03, 2012

    Your running shoes are like the tires on your car. No matter how well you maintain them, eventually they’re going to need a change. What’s more, if they’re not replaced in time – much like wheels out of alignment – worn out running shoes can start to wear you out as well. This is why it’s crucial to know what symptoms to look for when it’s time to lace up some new sneakers.  

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