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After Hours Athletes

December 2011

  • 5AM Run Vs. 5AM Cab

    5AM Run Vs. 5AM Cab

    December 20, 2011

    After Hours Athletics will always remain close to the hearts of the average PUMA Socialite. This unique form of late night exercise comes in many forms; the epic ping pongathon, pool party (minus water!), foosball tournament, bowlarama or dance off capped by a well-deserved spot of greasy food and a personalised sunrise carriage home.

  • Weekend Guide To... Kuala Lumpur

    Weekend Guide To... Kuala Lumpur

    December 16, 2011

    If you thought your last late night curry was HOT, the Malaysian capital city will spice up your PUMA Social life like no other! With enough colours, religions, spontaneous friendly people, super-impressive architecture, stunning city parks and bustling nightclubs, “the KL” (as the locals call it) is the all-you-can-eat buffet of international travel - YUM!

  • After Hours Idol: The King Of Ping

    After Hours Idol: The King Of Ping

    December 14, 2011

    With wrists of steel and hand-eye co-ordination that would even put Mr Miyagi and his chop sticks to shame, The King Of Ping stands out like a (literal) sore thumb in PUMA Social clubs everywhere. Their blurred image reminiscent of a sporting Medusa or Forrest Gump in his army years, they pounds balls and inspire awe wherever they go!

  • Holiday Party Vs. PUMA Social Party

    Holiday Party Vs. PUMA Social Party

    December 06, 2011

    Within the pantheon of ultimate After Hours occasions lie two very special, but very different nights out. The first is an annual occurrence usually involving the consumption of excessive amounts of food and alcohol, horrific fashion, bad dancing and the inevitable morning after story. The second involves a similar volume of froth quaffing, breakfast at 5am, great fashion, good dancing and… the inevitable morning after story! Both guarantee astronomic levels of mirth and merriment, but where would you rather be? 

  • Weekend Guide to... Toronto

    Weekend Guide to... Toronto

    December 01, 2011

    This golden nugget of a city, perched on Lake Ontario looks like a shiny island nebula popping from out of the water like something those fishy Atlanteans left behind. We like to think, however, that Toronto is more like a giant late night party boat ready for you to get on board! The city’s motto is ‘Diversity Our Strength’ - a testament to the amazing culture, night life, food, art, theatre (and the list goes on) waiting to be discovered. Just like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, Toronto is a surprise waiting to happen, and there is something for everyone (yes, even the special soul who likes the orange creme…YUCK)!

November 2011

  • Weekend Guide To...Bologna

    Weekend Guide To...Bologna

    November 24, 2011

    Bologna, capital city of Emilia-Romagna in the Po Valley of Northern Italy is home to the oldest university in the world and with it a large student population of culture vultures and budding PUMA Socialites wanting to enjoy the many cosmopolitan delights Bologna has to offer!!

  • Suedes Vs. Hi Tops

    Suedes Vs. Hi Tops

    November 22, 2011

    With the flip flops well and truly stacked back into the depths of your closet, we know that you want to cover up your odd socks with only the hottest kicks. But, alas before we can unleash our feet on the night-time streets, we face another style dilemma; Suedes Vs. Hi Tops? What with fashion going forward simply by taking us back in time do you embrace your inner vintage, old school suedes or the universally loved hi-top, coveted by everyone from the Justin Bieberites to the sleek urban fashionista?! 

  • Weekend Guide To...Melbourne

    Weekend Guide To...Melbourne

    November 17, 2011

    Melbourne, the sporting and cultural capital of Australia, home to two of Oz’s most famous T.V soap exports (Neighbours and Kylie Minogue), the legendary Steve Irwin, St Kilda beach, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Royal Botanic Gardens, MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and a deep-rooted appreciation of the “amber nectar” – yes, PUMA Socialites will fit in perfectly!

  • After Hours Idol: Foosball Champion

    After Hours Idol: Foosball Champion

    November 16, 2011

    We all know there are certain places where the Number Hunters, cool kids and Kings of the Social swingers hang out, play the game and score! Well, here’s a little tip for you - one such domain in the late night milieu is the Foosball table!! A lot of awesome action begins at the Foosball table and that’s why no PUMA Social Club is complete without one... or three; so you PUMA Socialites can show off your amazing skills, outrageous moves and magnetic personalities (no ACTUAL magnets allowed on the foos table though FOOS*)!

    In fact we’d go as far as to say a Foosball table is an obligatory part of any self-respecting social club’s furniture! The possibilities of scoring from the Foosball table are endless and that’s why we’ve put this handy little guide together just for you...