Zumba. It's the New Aerobics, with a Twist!

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Literally. This Latin-dance inspired exercise will have you cha-chaing yourself into shape. Each hour-long Zumba routine is a high-energy mixture of salsa, hip-hop, bellydancing, martial arts, garnished with a few lunges and squats for some spice. We put together answers to a few things you might want to know before you sign up for your first class

I’ve seen exercise classes that look really intense—like “boot-camp” intense. I don’t know if I’m ready for something like that…
Then you’re at the perfect place! Zumba focuses on having fun while working up a sweat. Rapid-fire footwork strengthens your calves and ankles while curvy dance moves firm your abs and thighs. The rhythm is designed to be like a dance party—the only over-the-top intensity is the fun-factor!

Rhythm!? But I can’t dance!
Don’t worry. Nobody expects you to be Beyonce. Once you master the basic steps, it’s easy to see how the choreography fits together. Anyway, people are so focused on the music nobody will notice your footing. Hey, if anyone asks, just tell ‘em you’re burning a few extra calories by being clumsy on purpose!

What’s the best outfit for Zumba?
Go for lose fitting clothes that won’t obstruct your movement. Choose wicking material that will keep you from getting drenched in sweat. For footwear, consider lightweight shoes that have a little side-to-side support to keep you stable on your feet, like the TrainLite XT Mesh sneakers.

Can I participate in this even if I have a bad back/ankle?
You are in control of what moves you do (and don’t do). You can always opt out of moves that are painful or make you uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb is: if the pain makes your whole body brace, stop.

I’m interested! Where can I find a class?
Type in your area code to find a class near you at www.zumba.com.
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