Working Out When You're Not Working Out

  • The Fitness Team
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Got fitness goals and a tight schedule? Yes, these goals can be achieved without even noticing.  Become a master of time management with easy little add-ins to your day-by-day activities.

Falling Asleep and Waking Up: 30-second Hollow Hold. Right before you fall asleep in bed, get flat on your back, engage your core, lift your legs straight up off the mattress about 6 inches and your shoulder blades up about 6 inches as well forming a hollow hold.  Count to thirty.  Wake up and do the same.

Brush Your Teeth: Wall-Sit. Sit against a wall low enough so that your thighs and your shins are forming a 90-degree angle at the knee, with ankles under knees. Do this for two minutes brushing your teeth in the morning and two minutes brushing your teeth at night.

Wait By The Curb: Calf Raises. Waiting for the light to turn? Stand on the edge of the curb with your heels falling off the back so that you can lift and lower yourself just using your feet. This works leg muscles and core for balance.  The only movement is in the ankle.  Flex and point the feet.

Take The Stairs: Always. Where there is an elevator or an escalator, there is a fire exit. Take it. Stairs are a great glute sculptor and a nice way to add in some cardio.

Park Far So You Can Walk. Instead of driving around the parking lot to find the closest spot, take the spot that is the furthest away.  It is the simplest way to burn a few extra calories every day.  And no matter how beat you are after work, you will still be forced to walk that extra little bit. Perfect.