Women's vElite winner headed to the WPS Championships

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In 2011, the winner of the women's vElite bracket at USA Cup will be travelling on an all expenses paid trip to the WPS Championships! The winning team will experience a once in a lifetime football opportunity as they get VIP treatment and other behinds the scenes access.

2011 kicks off the first year of the women's vElite tournament. The bracket features PUMA clubs So Cal Blues, SC Waukesha, the SA Lions and Lamorinda SC.  Rounding out the competition are Enyebergs F95 from Sweden and Erin Mills SC from Ontario Canada.

The women's vElite bracket will be held at USA Cup Weekend on July 15-17, 2011. For more details on the PUMA vElite bracket and how your team can get involved, email us at TCC@puma.com