Winners of the PUMA Mascot Design Competition

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Ahead of the 2010 tournaments, the PUMA Mascot Design competition invited students at selected universities in Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana and Tunisia to create a mascot design symbolizing their national team and the perception of football in their country.  The students were inspired by joy, hope, pride, honor, and glory to produce either a sculpture, picture, or painting.  Selecting winners from so many beautiful and inspiring entries was extremely difficult, and we would like to thank all of the fans who shared with us their vision of what their national team means to them, and how to reflect this in a mascot. We are pleased and proud to present the chosen winners for each participating country.

Prize - The top 3 winners in each countries will receive PUMA products and on top of which the best submission will get a chance to cheer for his/her national team at a home game!!!

Cote d'Ivoire First Place: Allou Ange Martial

Cote d'Ivoire Second Place: Wognin Aristide Narcisse

Cote d'Ivoire Third Place: N'Goran Koffi Alexandre

Cameroon First Place: Baliyanga Emmanuel

Cameroon Second Place: Ngo Biyong Viginie Madeleine

Cameroon Third Place: Abdourahman Bouba Belto

Egypt First Place: Mohamed Safy El Din Zayed

Egypt Second Place: Mohamed Samir El Gendy

Egypt Third Place: Ahmed Moh Wahib Ramadan

Ghana First Place: James Turkson Brown

Ghana Second Place: Ampah Nathaniel

Ghana Third Place: Richard Opoku

Tunisia First Place: Mohamed Ali Yihiri

Tunisia Second Place: Caid Essebsi Soukima

Tunisia Third Place: Ben Ayed Mohamed