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To celebrate the release of ALL STARS on 3rd May, we are giving you the chance to win a family ticket to the star-studded UK premiere in London’s Leicester Square on Monday 22nd April!

Ethan (Theo Stevenson) and Jaden (Akai) have a plan - recruit a dance crew, stage a talent show, raise lots of money and save their youth club ‘The Garage’ from demolition…all whilst Ethan impresses the girl of his dreams with his dancing skills. The trouble is… Ethan can't dance, Jaden's parents have banned him from dancing and the other four members of their new crew the ‘All Stars’ turn out to be totally uncoordinated! Together, they must overcome these many obstacles, starting with convincing Gina (Ashley Jensen), the manager of The Garage, that their plan even stands a chance.

ALL STARS is a funny, heart-warming, spectacular 3D roller coaster ride with eye feasting dance sequences! Also featuring a stellar British supporting cast including: Ashley Walters, Hugh Dennis, Kevin Bishop, Simon Farnaby, Mark Heap, Kimberley Walsh and John Barrowman.

PUMA is giving away an (1) family ticket on Thursday, April 18, 2013. Be sure to follow us @PUMA on Twitter for details on how to win! See full terms and conditions below.





Terms and Conditions of Participation in “Win ALL STARS Premiere Tickets" Contest

Terms and Conditions of Participation – No Purchase Necessary

These   terms   and   conditions   of   participation   apply   to   the   PUMA   contest   "Win ALL STARS Premiere Tickets" (the "contest"). Participation is possible only via PUMA on the

PUMA Twitter page. Participation is conditional on the following terms and conditions of

1.  Organizer

The contest is organized by PUMA SE, PUMA Way 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany


2.  Start of contest and closing date

2.1 The contest runs from 12:01 PM EST on April 18, 2013 to 1:59 PM EST on
April 18, 2013. 
2.2 One winner will be randomly chosen at the discretion of PUMA upon completion of
the contest run time. 

3.  Participation entitlement

3.1 All participants must be 18 or older and have full legal capacity. 
3.2  All information given by a participant in connection with the contest must be true and
correct; otherwise, the participant can be excluded from participating in the contest or
subsequently disqualified from participation. Likewise, participants who use prohibited
aids   or   otherwise   gain   advantage   through   manipulation   can   be   excluded   from
participation in the contest or subsequently disqualified from participation.
3.3 The organizer reserves the right to review the fulfillment of conditions for participation
and require proof, particularly with respect to the age of a participant.
3.4 Employees of the organizer and companies participating in the contest as well as their
family members are excluded from participation in the contest.
3.5 Entitlement to participate does not depend on the purchase of a product or receipt of
a   service   of   the   organizer.   Purchasing   a   product   or   receiving   a   service   of   the
organizer   will   have   no   influence   on   the  chances   of   the  respective   participant   of
winning the contest. 

4. Participation procedures

4.1 Persons entitled to participate in the contest can participate by retweeting the appropriate tweet from @PUMA. 
4.2 Participants can receive one (1) family ticket which includes two adults and up to two children. 
4.3 Participation in the contest is free of charge. 
4.4 Must be a United Kingdom resident, and able to attend the UK premiere event in London’s Leicester Square on Monday, April 22, 2013.

5. Description of the prize

5.1 The prize is one (1) family ticket which includes two adults and up to two children.
Approximate value less than $150.00.
5.2 A cash payment, an exchange or a transfer of the prize to a third party are all not
5.3 The competition prize does not include travel or accommodation costs.

6.  Determining the winner

6.1 One  (1) winner will be  chosen at the discretion  of PUMA. PUMA will  contact the winner via Twitter by April 18, 2013. After the winner’s details are confirmed by PUMA, the prize will be mailed to
the winner.
6.3 The  prize  can  only  be  claimed  personally  by the  respective  participant.  It  is  not
possible for a third party to claim the prize.
6.4 If a participant who has been declared the winner fails to respond within 1 day after
prize notification has been sent, entitlement shall be  revoked and the organizer is
entitled to determine a subsequent winner and award the prize to this person instead
of to the participant originally declared to be the winner.

7.  Data protection information regarding the processing of personal data of the
participants in the contest.

7.1 The personal data collected by the organizer will be used for the sole purpose of prize
delivery and will not be used for promotional purposes or distributed in any way. The following information is considered personal data within this meaning: first and lastname, street, postal code, town, country, email address and phone number ("personal data").
7.2 The   exclusive   purpose   of   collecting,   processing   and   using   personal   data   is   the
conduct of the  contest  and prize  notification, unless the participant  has expressly
given his consent for additional use of his personal data (e.g. marketing).
7.3 The organizer will forward personal data only to service providers commissioned to
conduct the contest ("contract data processors") in Germany and the USA. The USA
is a country that does not guarantee a level of data protection commensurate with the
EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. The organizer will therefore take all required
measures   to   ensure   use   of   service   providers   who   conform   to   applicable   data
protection  provisions.  All  such  contract  data  processors  collect,  process  and  use personal data only for and in accordance with the organizer's instructions.
7.4 The participant has the  right to information without charge  regarding the personal data  stored  about  him/her  by the  organizer   as  well   as to  correction,  blocking   or deletion of this personal data. To assert the above rights the participant may contact the organizer at the following email address: 

8. Other provisions

The organizer is not liable, to the extent legally permissible, for defects in the prizes.
Legal recourse is excluded.