Why Cara is Your Workout Guru

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PUMA Trainer Cara Castronuova - Golden Glove-winning Boxer and Former Trainer on "The Biggest Loser"

"Boxing, of course, has technical elements which you have to learn, but everyone can incorporate boxing's basic moves into a workout. Something I like to suggest to people is to punch when they are running because it ups your cardio. If you're jogging along and punching, punching, punching -- it's almost the equivalent of running really fast and, at the least, it gives your legs a break. Let’s say you ran really hard one day and your legs are blown out. You can go for a light jog and punch the whole time, or go run on the track and punch on the straightaway -- or even punch on the treadmill. You’d be surprised how much energy is exerted with just a simple movement."