When Rhythm Took New Form

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A Few Reasons Why We’re Digging 1948

1948 was no small year. Its 366 days (that’s right—it was a Leap Year) were packed with baby boomers, rhythm and blues (reggae was a mere twinkle in the jukebox’s eye), and sport highlights galore. Monkeys were launched into space. Popcorn was selling like hotcakes. And a little island known for rum and Port Royal and beaches forever changed its legacy.

It was that year, in London, that Jamaica staked its claim in record-shattering speed. Jamaican athletes – without a medal to their country’s name – set themselves into their starting blocks and set the world straight. They dominated the Men’s 400m, taking gold and silver. And that, folks, was the beginning of many good times to come.

Many firsts took place that year, including the establishment of PUMA. All in all, a solid performance, 1948. We commend you.

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