What's Your Party Trick?

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There are many moves and turns out there which can help you beat a midfielder and turn a defender inside out.

The drag back, step over and other party tricks have been used to devastating effect on the international stage by legends, such as Carlos Valderrama, Ronaldinho and Christiano Ronaldo - players who have dazzled opponents all over the world with their magical array of skills.

Who can forget past masters such as Ferenc Puskás and Rivelino, as well as Johan Cruyff – so good they named a move after him! Each of these players were uniquely gifted and had the ability to bamboozle player after player with a cheeky nutmeg or drop of the shoulder.

Current stars Samuel Eto’o and Mikel Arteta have also been known to twist and turn out of tight corners and leave the opposition chasing shadows with their silky skills.

Let us know what your favorite skill is!