What’s your New Year’s running resolution?

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With 2011 on its last legs, it’s time to start making some new running resolutions for 2012. Where should you start though? Maybe last year you set out with high hopes, but found your goal wasn’t actually within reach. On the other hand, maybe you set your sights too low, and it all came too easily for your own good. Even if you were right on par with last year’s proposition, we’ve got a few new running resolutions that might make next year all the more exciting. 

Try new things: Sometimes we can lose our passion for running if it sinks into the same old same old. Other times we can take it too easy if we know the trail or the training too well. This year, search out new running routes, try new training exercises, or just look for any new running adventures you can find to get the most out of 2012.

Go the extra distance: No matter what your skill level, there’s always an opportunity to do a little more than you expected. At the end of the trail when you’re tired, or after the last sprint when you just want to be done, don’t stop. Take on one more mile, one more straight away, or one more challenge that you think you can’t beat and try anyway. You may end up more tired, but chances are, you’ll be glad you went for it in the end.

Give up at least one bad habit: Whether it’s bringing your cell phone with you on a run, not eating the right foods, staying up too late, or not getting up early enough – find at least one thing you know you shouldn’t do and find a way to pass it up. It can be amazing how one little change can make your year or even your life more enjoyable. So seek out what’s holding you back and let it go for 2012.

Share your passion: You don’t need to keep your joy for running to yourself. No matter your preferred medium, there are so many great ways to invite others to be a part of your passion. You can create meaningful photos representing your runs with Tumblr, start your own running journal or blog, or even just record and share your daily activities online with services like RunKeeper.

Nevertheless, these are just some New Year’s resolution ideas. We’d love to know, what do you have planned for 2012? Feel free to share your own resolutions in the comment box below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo courtesy of health.com.