What Does "Fast" Mean to You?

  • The PUMA Running Team
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What makes you feel fast?

Sometimes we forget that “fast” is a relative term. Going 28 mph may not be all that speedy if you’re in a Ferrari, but if you’re sprinting next to one at 28 mph, it’s a different story. To Usain Bolt, “fast” might mean a new world record. To you, “fast” might mean winning a race or posting a new personal best. For all of us, though, “fast” isn’t really a measure of speed – it’s the way we feel it.

A perfect example: You can feel fast while standing perfectly still! Just throw on some sleek running attire, lace up your favorite shoes and look in the mirror. With the right clothes, you can’t help but feel like you’re about to blaze down a trail or light up a track.

Whether it’s a rush of adrenaline, your light-weight streamlined apparel, pure mind over matter, or all of the above – when you feel fast you tend to be fast too! Your senses sharpen, your muscles seem springier, and your heart revs like an engine in your chest. Then, when the gun goes off, or you turn down the final stretch, what happens next, in a word, is just “fast.”

But because “fast” can feel so different for so many people, what does it mean to you?
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