Welcome to Cape Town

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Learn about Cape Town!

The PUMA Ocean Racing team is en route to Cape Town, South Africa, the second of 10 port cities in the Volvo Ocean Race. Cape Town is well-known for its beautiful mountains, harbors, and plants and flowers. Many people in Cape Town speak English, and many speak Afrikaans. Here are a few Afrikaans words for you to try out:

Boat – boot
Octopus – seekat
Sailor – matroos

Cape Town has been a major port city for sailors ever since they started exploring the world in search of new lands. While our sailing team is in Cape Town they will replenish supplies and fix Mar Mostro before they take off for the Indian and Southern Oceans, and their next stop: Abu Dhabi. If you’re in Cape Town while our team is there, be sure to shout a “hi ho, sailor” to them.