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PUMA Fitness. Because every workout could use a good friend — or better yet, an entourage.

PUMA Fitness believes many things: your gym clothes should work as hard as you do; playlists can make or break a workout; and above all, the more, the merrier, the more toned.

Many a fitness routine is routine, restrictive, solitary. While it yields physical results, we can’t help but think that the mind-body balance is something greater and happier than skinny jean victories and extra cupcake allowances.

So we’re trading in the blood, sweat, and tears for good vibes, best girlfriends, and last laughs. Workouts make those endorphins pump and what better way to share that ‘feel good feeling’ than among friends?

But ask any gal and she’ll tell you: Friendly competition is as competitive as it gets. For PUMA Fitness, that means a workout that is equal parts fit-and-fierce and fun-and-games.

Much like yourself. BodyTrain Together.