Weekend Guide To...Jakarta

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Get the low down with our Jakarta weekend guide!

Located in northwest Java, Jakarta is Indonesia’s largest city and also its capital with a population of just under ten million. In previous centuries, Jakarta had been under colonial rule until gaining full independence in 1942. Since then, the ‘Big Durian’ (cf. Big Apple) has become a centre for business, culture and politics, as well as being home to one or two hidden late night gems for the intrepid After Hours Athletes amongst us!!

We sent a couple of our Chief PUMA Socialites over to Jakarta to complete a little reconnaissance mission in order provide us with the inside track on this amazing city. Here’s what they discovered...

What to eat? Not short of a delicious local delicacy or two, Jakarta has a wealth of eateries from low cost Javanese food stalls to traditional Padang restaurants. Our two cents: Try Soto Betawi, which is a beef soup made from coconut milk broth and an exotic array of herbs and spices.

Where to go? Check out the National Monument in Merdeka Sqaure, go antique hunting at Jalan Surabaya’s open-air market, head to Ragunan Zoo, find out more about the city’s Dutch colonial past at the History Museum or shop til you drop in one of Jakarta’s world-renowned mega-malls.

Where to shop? Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Taman Anggrek Mall, Plaza Semanggi, and Sarinah Plaza are the pick of the bunch IOHO. PUMA Store??... Of course! Pop in and say hi to the guys in Jalarta.

What to wear? Indonesians are a very stylish bunch and have a particular penchant for Retro gear – perfect for a pair of old skool PUMA Bluebirds!

Where to party? It can only be the one and only Bibliotheque for the launch of our latest PUMA Social Club.

What to say? Bapak/Ibu ini akan membayar semuanya!

Translation: This gentleman/lady will pay for everything! (Direct the bar staff to your buddies and save some cash)

Where are your Jakarta hotspots?

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