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Get the low down with our Florence weekend guide!

Florence, Firenze, Florenz, Florencia, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is best known for its history and culture, Renaissance art and architecture. The city also contains a wealth of museums and art galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace amongst others, and this rich heritage will be visible all around as you party the night away in the Santa Croce district!

We set two of our fittest and most competitive After Hours Athletes the challenge of scoping out the joint in advance of our upcoming PUMA Social party on the 15th of October...

What to eat? Eat everything! We can’t say much more than that (because we’d have faces full of Italian goodness). You will need the carbs to fuel your performance by night, so don’t miss out on the fresh pasta and Gelateries (ice cream parlours) available all over the city.

Where to go? A trip to the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous museums in Western Europe is essential - hence the looonng queue... not usually our style! The good news is, much like the best After Hours Athletes, the narrow courtyard really comes into its own at night. Follow this up with a race up the steps of the Campanile to work off all that pasta and check out the wonderful views of your Tuscan playpen for the evening!!

Where to shop? Florence is famous for its gold and leather - Ponte Vecchio, overseeing the Arno river is the place to pick up some bling or a gold medal for the winner of the night’s exploits! We all know the Italians are famous for their fashion sense, so be sure to visit the PUMA store on Via Calimala to look your best by night!.

What to wear? The aim of the game is to see and eat as much as you can, while fitting in a few cold ones along the way. The Florence pavements really up the ante - making this challenge similar to a cross-country hike! A taxi would be helpful (and may well be considered cheating), but they rarely stop so a pair of Puma Flat Lace+ suedes are the answer to help you take on the extremes and succeed in your late night quest for adventure.

Where to party? For a sports-packed night in one of Florence’s coolest hangouts, you have to hit up our PUMA Social event. It kicks off at the PUMA store followed by an all night fixture at the Babylon club. Have you got the stamina to last the night?!

What to say? “lo stesso, per favour”

Translation: The same please!

Best said whilst picking up at the bar. Works everywhere and should go down nicely when accompanied by a discussion of your After Hours activities so far....

Where are your Florence hotspots?

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