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Lying on the south west tip of the African continent, Cape Town is famous for its biodiversity (wildlife and stuff…doy!), harbour, weather, beaches, Newlands, City Bowl, Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope to name but a few! It’s also the perfect middle earth (no, not Lord Of The Rings) destination for a travelling After Hours Athlete/adrenaline junkie with a penchant for the extraordinary.

Get the low down with our Cape Town weekend guide!

What to eat? Being surrounded by ocean on most sides, it might not come as a surprise that the fish is pretty darn good! Capetonians love line-caught fish and we recommend trying some seared tuna, peri-peri prawns, yellowtail or cob - just don’t forget to pop an after dinner mint before taking on Cape Town’s After Hours locations…the only one who could pull off that level of fishiness and still be considered cute is Nemo!

Where to go? Take a cable car or hike up Table Mountain and survey the panorama; means of transportation up the mountain will no doubt be decided by the previous evening’s inebriation levels and ZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzs time. If you’re brave enough and have several swimming undergarments, you can go cage-diving into shark-infested waters just outside the city*. If you’d rather just chillax, grab a cold one and shoot some pool we recommend heading to the V & A Waterfront or Woodstock areas. 

Where to shop? The Old Biscuit Mill is home to several quirky marketplace haunts perfect for the PUMA Socialite with an eye for something different to add to that ever-expanding wardrobe. And…if your PUMA wardrobe still needs expanding (when doesn’t it?!) there’s a couple of PUMA stores in the Cape area to keep you going!

What to wear? Fashion in Cape Town is all about casual/colour co-ordination – spectra yellow Bluebirds and matching tribute tee anyone??

Where to party? All hands on deck ! We’re throwing a little soiree as part of the Volvo Ocean Race Stop Over in CT. Bring your jaunty sailor’s hat!

What to say? Hey brah, let’s go chat to those bokkies at the bar and have a jol, eh?!

Translation: Hey buddy, let’s go and chat to the girls at the bar and have a good time!

Where are your Cape Town hotspots?

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*Diving instructors will become mildly frustrated after two or three “Dun dun dun dun dun dun” renditions.