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This golden nugget of a city, perched on Lake Ontario looks like a shiny island nebula popping from out of the water like something those fishy Atlanteans left behind. We like to think, however, that Toronto is more like a giant late night party boat ready for you to get on board! The city’s motto is ‘Diversity Our Strength’ - a testament to the amazing culture, night life, food, art, theatre (and the list goes on) waiting to be discovered. Just like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, Toronto is a surprise waiting to happen, and there is something for everyone (yes, even the special soul who likes the orange creme…YUCK)!

Toronto, summed up, is only for the real heavyweight, super-endurance After Hours Athlete…only hardcore PUMA Socialites need apply! Get the low down with our Toronto weekend guide! 

What to eat? If you are looking for something cheap but awesome while you show Toronto who’s ‘BAWS’ then we suggest going Mexican at Agave y Aguacante in Kensington Market - a one man operation of the highest order and the lowest prices. Order your grub from Francisco Alejandri (or Paco* to his muchachos), be patient, (culinary art takes time) and enjoy! Plus, you’ll save muchos $$$$ for refreshments later in the evening.

RECOMMENDED: Salpicon steak salad

Where to go? During the day, take a stroll into China Town or Lawrence market then make your way into the Distillery District – Toronto’s PUMA Social paradise! Warm up for the ensuing evening’s activities with a sip trip tour of the Mill Street Microbrewery and before you hit up the late night hot spots, why not check out an outdoor movie in Dundas Square or go eat gobs of poutine (cheesy fries with gravy) at Smokes Poutinerie? DO IT.

Where to shop? For awesome trinkets and vintage-looking accessories that will put a smile on your face, but won’t weigh down your suitcase (rhyme #win), visit the Drake Hotel General Store - voted best in the city!

What to wear? As beautiful as it is during winter, Toronto is a tad chilly this time of year so wrap up in style with our Active Padded Hood Jacket :)

Where to party? It’s all about the music, right? Whether it’s in the background or blaring in your ears for the best live music visit the Horseshoe Tavern - famous since 1947 and full of plaid-inspired hipsters...yeehaaaaaaw! If you want to really get down and boogie (while keeping it fly), grace Wrongbar with your presence - a mysterious club with an urban artsy style. Nothing screams After Hours Athlete louder than the words ‘mysterious’, ‘urban’, ‘artsy’, ‘club’ and ‘style’.

What to say? To blend in with the locals it’s good to know that suave Torontonians refer to their beloved city at ‘T-dot’. Make sure to end each sentence with a questioning ‘eh?’ and to over-use the word ‘awesome’. Before it was too late, we managed to discover that ‘aboot’ in Toronto is not what you wear on your feet, but a heavily accented version of the English word ‘about’!

PERFECT SENTENCE: ’If you think aboot it, T.dot is pretty darn awesome eh?’…

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*WARNING: Don’t tug on Paco’s sombrero whilst he takes your order…he doesn’t like it!