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If you thought your last late night curry was HOT, the Malaysian capital city will spice up your PUMA Social life like no other! With enough colours, religions, spontaneous friendly people, super-impressive architecture, stunning city parks and bustling nightclubs, “the KL” (as the locals call it) is the all-you-can-eat buffet of international travel - YUM!

Get the low down with our Kuala Lumpur weekend guide!

What to eat? So last night has turned into today and you’ve got a grumbling in your stomach. Have no fear (an After Hours Athlete is never frazzled), and make your way to the uber-hip local Japanese sushi spot ‘Sushi Zanmai’ in the Gardens Mall. The “amazingly authentic” sushi brings in queues daily, but we reckon it’s well worth the wait and you’ll be in with the locals in no time. If you’re still feeling peckish and need fuel ahead of your night of revelry, swing by the Antipodean in Bangsar for an all-day breakfast and the best coffee in town.

Where to go? The mighty Petronas Towers are definitely a must as one of the most impressive architectural structures in the world, they’re also the tallest. It’s not a bad orientation tool either- when you can’t see the towers in the background, you’re probably not in the city anymore! #fail

If you’re feeling in the mood to immerse yourself in the KL buzz, we recommend a visit to Chinatown - bargain hunter’s paradise and a real taste of Oriental culture at its most vibrant. For all you outdoorsy PUMA Socialites, check out the Batu caves which boast limestone formations over 400million years old…just be sure to leave your pristine suedes in the hotel!

Where to shop? There are two types of temples in KL - the one where people go to pray and the other (our personal favorite), where they go to shop! Giant Malls line the streets of the city. The Pavillion shopping mall is one such monolith, stretching over 1.37 million square feet and can be found at the centre of the super-trendy Bukit Bintang district.

What to wear? KL is definitely a city of fashion-conscious folk where the After Hours Athlete can come out to play and wow the cool kids with their stylish threads. We recommend our Lifestyle Graphic Tee and our super slick Roberto Fedora hat to protect that gentle skin from the UV rays (KL is hooooooottt!) BOOM!

Where to party? We’ll be hosting another little late night shindig in KL with our PUMA Social Finale Party so don’t miss it – we make an extra, extra effort during the holiday season ;)

What to say? # Laaaaaa #. You would think everyone was singing their favourite bit of DO RE MI from the Sound of Music,. but no, locals in KL love to put Laaa after every sentence.

Where are your KL hotspots?

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