Wear Your Glory On Your Sleeve. And Feet.

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Introducing the Euro Archives Collection.

A European title? That’s no fleeting victory. It feels good through the decades. Gives goose bumps through the generations. It’s the sort of experience that lasts a lifetime—plus extra time.

Which is why we’re taking a moment (a whole collection, really) to look back to the glory days of past European champions: Russia '60, Italy '68, Germany '72, Czechoslovakia '76, France '84, Netherlands '88, and most recently Spain in 2008. The Euro Archives Collection honors these victories with retro-modern design and proper fanfare. The full collection features jackets, t-shirts, trainers, and footballs with national team colors and trophy years.

Each Football Archive T7 Track Jacket honors a past European victor with its signature 7 centimeter stripes and an official Federation logo or country flag. The team’s winning year appears on the left chest, and the full story is told on the inside neck label in its native language. This jacket suits up well with a country-matching Football Archive T7 Ringer Tee. As if that weren’t enough, QR Codes appear on the collection’s apparel pieces. Scan them with a mobile device camera or Smartphone and you unlock exclusive web content.

The vulcanized Paulista 2.0 Country Trainer is a traditional stability shoe that’s fierce enough to meet the demands of Futsala. Trainers are decked out in national team colors and sport their respective championship year. Rounding out the collection is the18-panel Euro Archive Ball with team colours and title year. Select Archive Balls feature the team’s national anthem.

If you’re looking to get psyched and gear up for 2012’s tournament, then this collection will do the trick. If your team doesn’t fall within this collection, well then—get your pre-tourney rituals and prayers in order…. Maybe, just maybe, your team will show up in our next collection of Euro champions.