Weapons Of Fast Destruction

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Spring is in the air. And that means one thing to a runner: Time to shed the winter gear and turn all that cold-weather training into a Spring PR. At PUMA we?ve been working on a similar timeline, updating our three Road Racing shoes to help you run faster this spring. Our Weapons of Fast Destruction are all designed with enough cushioning and protection for the marathon, but light enough for a 5K. So read below to choose your perfect Weapon of Fast Destruction.
To reduce weight we?ve packed each shoe with weight-saving technologies like EverRide, KMS Lite, and ArchTec. We also know you hate blisters, which is why we used Sandwich-Mesh construction and lightweight sockliners to increase breathability and keep your feet comfortable and dry. Perfect for performance oriented runners, these lightweight racers will get you running fast and looking good while doing it. Which Weapon of Fast Destruction will you choose?

The Complete RoadRacer is our lightest racer. This near-weightless shoe will help you shed the extra ounces while still providing enough cushioning and protection to go longer distances. We used sandwich-mesh, ArchTec, and EverRide to save weight so that you?ll smash PR?s in any race from the 5K to marathon.
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The Complete Eutopia 2 is a lightweight trainer/racer designed with the biomechanically efficient runner in mind. The sandwich-mesh construction and lightweight sockliner in this shoe provide an optimized fit with a high-degree of breathability, while the KMS-Lite offers improved heel cushioning without the extra weight. Heavier than the Complete RoadRacer, the Eutopia is perfect for runners who need a little extra cushioning in their racing flat, or those looking for a lightweight trainer for tempo runs or long sessions on the track.
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The Complete Concinnity 4 is a lightweight trainer/racer designed for runners who want a little extra cushioning. Whereas the Eutopia is narrower and has less cushioning, the Concinnity 4 is built slightly wider and has blown rubber in the forefoot for extra cushioning. We?ve also strategically placed the ldCELL and ArchTec to provide protection and support during the gait cycle, while the sandwich-mesh construction offers a high-degree of breathability and helps save weight. Sturdier than the RoadRacer and Eutopia, but light enough for your fastest performance, this shoe can be worn in any race from 5K to marathon.
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