We Are All Teammates: Watch the Latest AHA Film

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Check out our official film calling all After Hours Athletes to celebrate the night.

We know the night doesn’t begin when you get to the party. It doesn’t begin when you rack your first game of eight ball. Or order your first round. Or belt out your first karaoke song. It begins when you turn off the TV, get off the couch and choose to conquer the night.

We don’t want to watch the playback. We don’t care who got voted off the island. We don’t need rose ceremonies, eliminations, confessionals and boardrooms. Our night is a sport that unfolds in real time – all the way to the last last call.

Our teammates are not those pixelated strangers on the television screen. Our teammates are our friends, and each one of us plays a clutch role in making it a legendary night out. Rescuing us from our couches, staking out space at the bar, keeping us in (and out of) line, leading us to late-night empanadas and early morning breakfast, a good teammate knows that life deserves to be played (and that channel surfing is not a sport).

That’s why we created our latest short film celebrating teammates in all forms: Ringers. Captains. Bear Huggers. Team Moms. Wingmen. Unexpected Pros. What role do you play?

So, fellow After Hours Athletes everywhere, join us. Make tonight a sport. Celebrate your teammates.