Water Dragons vs. The Sea Monster

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Leg 3, Stage 2, Day 2 Blog from Amory

Happy Chinese New Year! We are finally headed to China where they are now celebrating 2012, the “Year of the Water Dragon.” They sound cool, Water Dragons, but I think we lay claim to the king of sea monsters here on the Mar Mostro, so we’ll see who reigns supreme over the coming weeks.

It has been a pretty benign start to this leg with light to medium conditions, sunny skies, and a flattening sea state. A few sail changes overnight and some small variations in course to maintain our lane, and that was about it for excitement. Everyone’s pretty evenly paced and the fleet is going the same speed for the most part through the first 24 hours of racing.

We have Camper off our hip sailing consistently higher in the lifts, maybe trying to protect against Telefonica (off of their hip), though we cannot be sure. With Groupama just to leeward and Abu Dhabi dead astern it would be premature to sail high to protect against those two.

And today’s big news onboard: the New England Patriots will be facing the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. I happen to be a very big Giants fan, and Kenny and Rome happen to be very big Patriots fans. The Super Bowl is played on February 5th, and we have all given Tom a very specific deadline for when we need to arrive in Sanya. He has enough problems with American sports fans as it is – our obsession with statistics – but I think he understands the magnitude of the New York / Boston rivalry well enough not to risk missing a shift on our behalf!

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Amory Ross

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