Vamos Mexico!

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Caramba! Another tournament that looks to end in another fiasco for Les Blues. Even though they both looked and played better than last time against Uruguay, it turned out to be insufficient. Today it was all viva Mexico as they won with 2-0.

While the game was fun to watch with quick passes and good pace, it also felt like the hesitancy (not losing is more important than winning) from the first round is moving away. Coach Javier Aguirre should also have his praise as he instead of securing his point – went for three. In with wonder child Hérnandez and legend Blanco.

Boom. Boom. Two goals later from each of them and Mexico had made France’s already deep trouble, deeper. The latter of the two also marked the first time in history that a Mexican has scored in three World Cups. But it’s not consecutive cups – first one came in 1998 and now, twelve years later he did it again. Don’t rule out a man by his age – judge him by his love for football.