Update from Boston to Austin Run!

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We just caught up with Rhys Jenkins, one of the three men who is running the 2000 mile journey from Boston to Austin and he gave us the run-down on how everything is going?

So far the men have covered about 600 miles in 28 days!  They’ve run through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, and Ohio!  Their bodies are holding up well; the three men are still injury free.  The beginning of the journey was tougher as their bodies adjusted to the distance, but they’ve since adapted.



Getting to know Rhys Jenkins:

What was your favorite run so far?
When we were running into NYC over the Queensborough Bridge.

What was your least favorite run so far?
My least favorite days are the rainy, wet, and cold ones. And, windy too. That hurts you the most.

What was your favorite state to run through so far?

What music are you listening to during your runs?
Mostly Snow Patrol, Lost Prophets, Linkin Park, John Mayer, Shinedown, and a bit of Leona Lewis.

What has been your favorite meal?
Pasta with meatballs… and honey mustard.

What is your favorite PUMA running shoe?
The Complete Velosis.

What keeps you motivated along the way?
What keeps me motivated is the thought of my girlfriend and all my friends and family at home, and the thoughts of all those people we could be helping with every cent we raise.

To learn more about their run or to donate to their cause visit: www.2000milerun.com