Underground Art Goes Up at Special Delivery

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36,000 square feet of legendary street art. 3,000 peeps. DJs and live hip-hop everywhere we turn. An epic warehouse party in Berkeley that would forever change our concept of partying. 

How do you know when you’ve found your party destination for the night? When you pull up and people are actually scaling the walls to get inside. When we arrived at Carbon Warehouse, an historic landmark near the train tracks in Berkeley, 3,000 people were already inside and another 2,000 were waiting to get in.

It was Special Delivery, a massive party full of West Coast street artists, DJs, and performers. When we say epic, we aren’t kidding. We’re talking 36,000 square feet, three huge floors of pure street art, and a party unlike any other. The entire event was hosted and curated by Endless Canvas, the West Coast street art and graffiti collective and blog.

We were speechless: Floor to ceiling murals by 300 West Coast artists covering everything from elevator shafts to columns. Mural after mural by renowned street artists including GATS, Pemex, Optimist, Pink Lady, Jules Muck, and Swampy. DJ Miggy Stardust spinning on the third floor. EarPeace Records making the crowd explode with their hip hop renditions on the first floor. Circles of break dancing happening throughout each floor, throwing down with styles from Dirty South to Le Tigre.

And then, right in the middle of it all, we sneaked up to the roof where more legendary graffiti crew art awaited us. There, the 360 views of Oakland, Berkley, and the San Francisco skyline silenced us again. Sometimes when the party is this good, it simply shuts you up.

Until the next Endless Canvas throw down (it’s in a different U.S. city every year and features different projects, nothing is ever repeated), DJ Miggy Stardust (aka Roberto Miguel) gave us the low down on these three tracks to download:
          • “Dance My Pain” by Rod Lee
          • “Chippy Nonstop” by Kicked out the Club
          • “Gas Pedal” by Saje the Gemini

And since our teammates always bring their A-game to the party, we’re all invited to the next bash.

Photos courtesy of Endless Canvas, Sara Mohazzebi and Z.S. Grant