Thrills, spills, highs and lows – the roller coaster ride is almost over

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At this stage of the season, the simple rules of win, lose and draw no longer apply. Consequences are king. One goal is no longer the difference between victory or defeat. It’s the difference between relegation or survival, European or domestic football, the title or nothing.

Two goals from Yaya Touré sunk Newcastle, ensuring that Manchester City have their title destiny in their own hands with one game to go. There’s no doubt that the title race has been thrilling. But the chase for Champions league football has had more twists than a thriller novel.

Newcastle, Spurs and Arsenal are still battling out for the remaining two automatic qualification places. After a loss and two draws respectively, only two points separate the three teams. Needless to say there’s a lot of potential beef still to come. The tension has been amped even further with the possibility of Chelsea winning the Champions League and qualifying as holders. If this happens,only the top three teams in the Premier League get Champions League football next season, rendering the fight for fourth place irrelevant.

Whoever qualifies, Spurs were electrifying in the first part of the season, while Newcastle ripped up the rulebook and stormed up the league during the second half. Both teams are a credit to the game and their free-flowing, attacking football has been a joy to behold. They truly epitomize what PUMA teams are all about.

So that about does her…..There’s one game left and absolutely everything to play for.

We don’t know what will happen. But we do know the consequences will echo on long after the 90 minutes are up.