Three Men Finish 2000 Mile Run from Boston to Austin!

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On Friday, November 26 at 3:30pm CST, Rusty Tolliver, Scott Jenkins, and Rhys Jenkins finished their remarkable 2000 mile run from Boston to Austin.

The days leading up to the finish were pretty eventful. They saw, Rusty hit his hometown of Bastrop just in time to spend Thanksgiving with his family.  Scott and Rhys's father, Terry Jenkins, flew out to surprise them and walked 13 miles a day along the route, sporting his Boston to Austin T-shirt to raise awareness about their journey.  And, on Tuesday, Scott's friend (that he hadn't seen for 6 years) jumped out of a bush beside the road where he was running and from there on, he ran with him daily. 

As the men ran down highway 71, and down riverside the sun beat off the road and the sweat gleemed on every runners brow as they ran towards the end that had been so far away when they started this epic journey back on September 15th.  The finish was one of mixed emotions: joy, happiness, excitement and a sense of overwhelmingness.  The three men finished at the Stevie Rae Vaughan Memorial Statue at Town Lake in Austin where they were greeted by approximately 25 cheering supporters including family, friends, and some strangers.  There was a lot of hugging, screaming, and cheering.

Rhys Jenkins commented, "It was an amazing feeling to finish and to finish with such strong support."

Rusty Tolliver added, "People today and throughout this run have treated us as if we were heros."

One of the the touching stories of the day was when a seven-time cancer survivor from Boston arrived at the finish and asked to speak to each of the men.  She was overwhelmed by what they had achieved and gave each of them a massive hug and a well done.

"If we can help raise awareness for each of the charities and help just one person, then 2000 miles really isn't that much," said Scott Jenkins.

After some press interviews and photos, the men went off to shower then met up again for celebratory drinks and food.

Congratulations to Rusty, Scott, and Rhys!  PUMA was proud to sponsor you on this incredible journey!