They Snapped, They Shared, They Scored

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Chances are, wherever you go your shoes go too. So the next time you’re going places, do us a favor: take a photo of your PUMAs. It’s easy. First, go somewhere. Then, stand still. Take a photo of your shoes with some sort of background, then upload your shot to Instagram and tag it #travelingpumas. It's that easy. More info here.

We'll choose one lucky winner each Friday who will get their photo posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Not only that but we'll also send you a PUMA prize pack to boot. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and your favorite pair of PUMAs and get out there.

Congratulations Titas(@titask9 on Instagram) from India for being the 12th contest winner.
Photo Location: Ganges River, India
Shoes: PUMA Faas 300s


Congratulations Benjamin (@helgeonthemove on Instagram) from New Mexico, USA for being the 11th contest winner.
Photo Location: Bayan Gobi, Mongolia
Shoes: PUMA Royal Evo Hi-Tops


Congratulations Rey (@rey_nator on Instagram) from the Philippines for being the tenth contest winner.
Photo Location: Mt. Batulao, Philippines
Shoes: PUMA Cabana Racer

Congratulations Kenny (@kenny31313 on Instagram) from New York for being the ninth contest winner.
Photo Location: Southernmost Point, USA
Shoes on Left: PUMA Suedes
Shoes on Right: PUMA States

Congratulations Kuharajan (@kuhan83 on Instagram) from Malaysia for being the eighth contest winner.
Photo Location: Mt. Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia
Shoes: PUMA SL Furore

Congratulations Michael (@mlin427 on Instagram) from California, USA for being the seventh contest winner.
Photo Location: Nassau Hall at Princeton University, New Jersey
Shoes: PUMA El Ace Leather Shoes

Congratulations @theejewfro from Florida, USA for being the sixth contest winner.
Photo Location: The W Hotel in downtown Atlanta, GA
Shoes: PUMA Faas 300

Congratulations Carolina (@karolinopa on Instagram) from Mexico for being the fifth contest winner.
Photo Location: The Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Mexico
Shoes: PUMA Easy Rider

Congratulations Matt (@mj_atl on Instagram) from Georgia, USA for being the fourth contest winner.
Photo Location: Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Kennesaw, GA
Shoes: PUMA Osus

Congratulations Jennifer (@webmastermama on Instagram) from Virginia, USA for being the third contest winner.
Photo Location: Big Apple Circus, Virginia, USA
hoes: PUMA Skylaa Hi Polka Dots

Congratulations Alejandro (@ajruiz on Instagram) from Venezuela for being the second contest winner.
Photo Location: Madrid, Spain
Shoes: PUMA Suedes

Congratulations to Alfonso (@djavidjembe on Instagram) from Chile for being our first winner.
Photo Location: Atalaya, Spain
Shoes: PUMA Sky Hi+