The PUMA Sustainable Store

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We don’t like to preach sustainability but we definitely like to practice it. We opened our first Sustainable store in Bangalore, India on August 23rd. The store is locally developed, sourced out of India, and incorporates a number of revolutionary design elements to ensure that it meets the highest criteria for sustainability.

We’ve experimented with a bunch of neat stuff in the store – using the Earth to cool it rather than an AC, solar panels on the roof to help power the store, and low VOC paint. Posters are made of jute, and almost 90% of the store has access to natural daylight minimizing our use of artificial lighting. But of course, if we do need to illuminate our store we’re using super-efficient LED lights.

The opening night was a carbon-neutral launch  with guests pedaling for power. The creative community was present in full force and B.L.O.T. performed a special audio-visual, sustainability themed set. Last, but definitely not the least our art installation sketches were exhibited around the store highlighting the various themes of waste minimization, recycling, and giving back to the city.