The Making of Maradona's Birthday Cake - Day 3

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The cake is completed and presented to the Birthday Boy!

We arrive, on time, to Maradona's villa in Ezeiza. Eduardo Ruiz has the cake, ready to be delivered to Maradona on his birthday.

The country has been in mourning due to the untimely death of former president Nestor Kirchner, a close friend of Diego's. On a beautiful afternoon the gates open and we are in Maradona's backyard, with four people carrying one massive birthday cake with an equally large PUMA King boot on top of it. The boot is part of the new range of clothing PUMA is releasing on Diego's birthday. 50 years.

Suddenly, wearing the mentioned gear, appears Diego Armando Maradona. He feels happy. He is now a grandfather; a fact that makes him smile every 5 minutes. He sits down for a few interviews, where he recalls his relationship with PUMA as his "first love".

The cake is hidden. Eduardo Ruiz isn't, he still can't believe how close he is to his idol.

When the interviews are over the cake is presented, and Eduardo happily drives back to his bakery in Flores, wearing a pair of Elvis shades, still wearing his apron with a huge DIEGO (10) signed on his chest.  A fantastic day for everyone one involved!

So you've seen Maradona's Birthday cake.  What do you think!?  If you could have any birthday cake made for you, what would it be?  You never know... Eduardo Ruiz might be watching!