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How closely did you watch IPL 5?
The summer carnival has just ended but we’re not making any insightful analyses, nor pointing out the biggest winners and duds as all your back pages of newspapers are doing. We’re rather asking you, the cricket fan how closely you followed the mega tournament, not only on field but off the field as well! PS: For best results, do not Google and as for theoutcomes of this quiz, take them with a sack of salt!

1. The Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium hosted its first game on April 1 this IPL. How did you react to this?
a. Pune has a new stadium now? So DY Patil stadium is not in Pune?
b. I tuned in early to watch Priyanka Chopra’s opening ceremony dance, went to Wikipedia to read more and am planning to visit it soon!
c. It’s a good-looking stadium. What else can I say?

2. A total of five brother-duos played in this IPL. How many of them can you name?
a. Yusuf and Irfan. Why bother about anyone else?
b. Pathans, Morkels. Not sure if Hussey has a brother or not!
c. The Pathans, Morkels, Husseys, Bravos and McCullums!

3. In all, 18 games went to the last over and 10 to the last ball. How many of these can you recall?
a. There were so many. I watched, cheered and forgot about them the next morning!
b. 10 maybe? I know Mumbai Indians won some game with 14 required of the last over.
c. More than 15 of them! My favourite was Rohit Sharma hitting a six when three were needed of last ball!

4. What do you know of RCB owner Sid Mallya and Twitter, this season?
a. That he got into trouble for tweeting something about someone?
b. He was sued for tweeting about that woman Zohal Hamid
c. He was sent a legal notice by Zohal Hamid, AND he was the first owner to put players’ Twitter handles on their jerseys!

5. Finally, how did you follow the IPL this season?
a. I didn’t follow it, it followed me randomly and I agreed to watch for time pass!
b. On TV, mostly. I tried to tune in whenever possible.
c. I watched pre-match shows, post-match interviews and went to pubs to catch the big games!

Mostly A's
You must work with the IPL! Given your passion in the game, you deserve the owner’s job! (Okay, as a fan leader or a team manager too!) You have followed this edition inside out, which indicates you either love the joys of Twenty20 cricket, or are extremely idle in life! And if you really didn’t Google for any of these responses, you can give Vishy Anand some competition for memory capsules!

Mostly B's
You’re keenly interested in cricket and IPL, and try your best to follow it but catch only the important games. Maybe your boss makes you work while he watches the games or you lack that ‘extra’ passion, but you tend to skip tiny details and often the big moments. Nothing wrong about that, as long as your interest doesn’t keep waning as Indian bowlers’ speeds. We recommend a daily dose of details in newspapers and a stern message to your boss to rectify this!

Mostly C's
Wait, you must be an EPL fan looking down upon cricket. Welcome, we have many of you here. But hello, you need not forcefully follow the games just to fit in the crowd. Ignorant people can have a life too, a boring one though. And if you’re a ‘test cricket purist’, note that the game has moved on and so must you, from your 70s syndrome. Put down your reading glasses, buy new glares and jump in the fun... the T20 World Cup begins soon!


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