The Bolt Lite Mid: High, Light and Tight Wins the Race

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A snug fit, lightweight performance and classic style makes these the latest must-haves for After Hours Athletes.

Proving that “laced up” doesn’t always have to mean “uptight,” the Bolt Lite Mid is here to play debonair wingman to high socks and skinny jeans alike. Cut from the same (mesh) cloth as its free-spirited younger brother, these bad boys mix comfort and breathability with a snug and assured fit courtesy of the fresh mid-cut design.

And no need to be concerned about any excess baggage with this high and tight creation: Ultra-lightweight styling is key (why else would we call it the Bolt Lite?), boosted by an injected rubber outsole that gives us superb cushioning without any bulky weight. Form? Check. Function? Check. What else would you expect from the World’s Fastest Man? Yeah, we’re pretty sure a little after-hours test drive among some of our more active teammates will demonstrate the Bolt Lite Mid’s true performance boosting effects in action...helping our Bad Dancers move a little smoother, our Bear Huggers squeeze a little better, our Up For Anythings be, well, up for everything!

With colour options ranging from the eternally classic black and white combo to the super-loud splash of violet buttercup, we’ve got you covered from black-tie stealth mode to stopping traffic in your tracks. What are you waiting for? Strap on a pair and own the night.

The Bolt Lite Mid is available now at and The PUMA Store worldwide.