The Bass Drops in Delhi

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India’s music scene is turning the dial to 11.

Winter is here, but even the foggy nights and dipping temperatures in Delhi can’t stop us from seeking our monthly dose of hot, heavy, and hard-hitting bass.

The bass music scene in India has exploded in the past few years, with new venues like T.L.R., Out of the Box, and Blue Frog bringing together a motley assortment of gnarly beats, new mixes, wobbling fellow dubheads, and flowing drinks.

On a recent evening we heard BASSFoundation, a collective originally formed in New Delhi, that now plays across India and abroad. This crew features two djs—Big Daddy Klein and Praxis—and Delhi Sultanate on the mic. Their sound mixes in all the sounds of the Delhi scene; it’s drum and bass at its best.

And this is why we love bass in Delhi: On any given night you’ll hear a mix of everything from slow, deep rollers to amped up dubstep, jungle, and dancehall. Like any true After Hours Athlete, we can’t resist soaking up the energy-packed vibe and moving along with the symphonic melody. The best moment? When the dirty bass drops and the dazzling lights go nuts.

Let’s get grooving.

Photos courtesy of Bass Foundation.