Terai Faas Hiker

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Meet this season’s city-born slicker with a small town sole.

Next time someone tells you to “go take a hike” you look that person in the eye and say “gladly, thank you, my pleasure.”

And it will be. The Terai Faas Hiker is a city-born shoe with a small town sole. It pulls from the great and burly outdoors as well as PUMA’s lightweight Faas Running collection. (In fact, we stole the bottom right out from under our Faas 250 Trail racer. Check out those directional lugs for traction and cruising over uneven and slippery terrain. Pretty, aren’t they?) The synthetic matte upper is inspired by rain jackets and never met a puddle it didn’t like. The shoe features an internal neoprene bootie for protection, engineered holes around the collar for breathability, and button seam detailing for a few good looks. Technified lacing hardware is rubberized and functional and sits atop the translucent outsole and gusseted asymmetrical tongue.

It’s sneaker-boot made for moves and ready for winter temps. So lace up, grab a hot chocolate or tottie or whatever you drink in autumn, and get out there. In fact, go take a hike whydontcha.