Techniques At The Table: Firing Your Way to Foosball Glory

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Fire your way to foosball glory!

It’s got all the fun and banter of the beautiful game, but only smaller and (hopefully) less tiring! The frenetic pace and opportunity to guide your team to victory, all from the comfort of a bar adds to its universal appeal.
And at PUMA Social, we know how important it is for the After Hours Athlete to be on the winning team. So we’ve come up with 5 top tips to help you become a Foosball King!

Never spin!  You’ll look like a loser and it’s a giveaway that you’re not very good.

Aim for the sky!  Here’s a great tip, when taking on your best mate/arch-nemesis/mum; tilt the bars slightly forward so that the player’s heads are towards the other goal. This way you keep possession if you block a shot. But, be sure to do the opposite for the keeper and midfielders.

Shoot!  With more practice you’ll be able to master the wrist flick shot. But in the meantime make sure your body is away from the table and a bit to the left, so when you flick your wrist it should move from facing sideways to looking at the ground. This way you’ll become the Eto’o of the Foosball community!

Shut ‘em out!  We all know attack is the best form of defense, but occasionally you need to think about the guy in the net. In order to shut out your nemesis keep your goalkeeper placed only about the ball's breadth to the side.

Play to win!  Don't forget though - the game can always played better with a drink in hand.

Check out this video to give you something to aim for :-)