Techniques At The Table: Beating The Best At Bowling

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Bowl over the opposition with your skills at the lanes

Bowling is a real favourite here at PUMA Social. It allows for drinks, friends and score-keeping (not just in-game, if you know what we mean...). These factors make it one of the best after hours activities you can take part in.

Luck and skill are what you need to keep getting those is what you can do to stay ahead of the pack and have a bit of fun.

Find your perfect match – Before you even bowl a ball you need to find that special ball that just feels natural to hold. Whether you’re looking for one that is the perfect weight or just one that fits your fingers, it’s essential to find one that really matches your fit.

The speed competition – Unless you are any good at bowling, one game we like to play is “how fast you can bowl”.  The concept is simple, aim for the pins but launch the ball down the lane as fast as you can. Take note of your speed on the screen and then sit back and see if your friends can match.

Take your time – You may have your friends in the background trying to put you off your game but the best thing to do is take your time. The last thing you want to do is rush and accidentally throw the ball behind you. Take a breath, take your aim and then bowl at your own pace.

“Strike” a pose – When bowling there is no better feeling than to get a strike or a spare. So we recommend when getting one of these why not rub it in your mate’s faces by striking a celebratory pose. Our personal recommendation is the John Travolta Saturday Night Fever point into the air.

If all else fails use the rails – This is our final tip. If you’re really having a stinker and throwing gutter ball after gutter ball it might be time to just admit defeat and put the side rails up. This way you will actually score some points. 

What are your top bowling tips?