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  • São Paulo B Boys on the Come Up

    São Paulo B Boys on the Come Up

    April 18, 2012

    For the After Hours Athletes of São Paulo, “breaking” is more than just a good time – it’s a way of life.

    We’d heard rumours that in the outskirts of São Paulo, breakdancing has been elevated to an art form thanks to the skills of a series of neighbourhood crews. Always interested in how underground sport varies around the world, we asked our local correspondent Emilia Mello to give us an insider’s look at the state of the “break” in São Paulo, from the favelas to four-star hotels. 

  • Brazilian Graffiti Goes Global

    Brazilian Graffiti Goes Global

    April 03, 2012

    Fierce, colourful and undeniably authentic, graffiti street art is what’s up all over the world. Whether we’re coming home from another long night out in Paris, stumbling around the boroughs of New York City, or meeting up with our teammates in Berlin, what better backdrop for our adventures than street art brilliance? So when the legendary Brazilian graffiti artist Anarkia invited us to roll with her as she painted her latest mural, we were on it. 

November 2011

  • Eddie Jordan: São Paulo Preview

    Eddie Jordan: São Paulo Preview

    November 25, 2011

    Whenever I think of Interlagos I think back to 2003, when Giancarlo Fisichella won the Brazilian Grand Prix for Jordan Grand Prix. That race was so typical of the sort of dramas we have come to expect from this race: There was a massive smash in pouring rain, and the race was red-flagged. 

  • Hello and Goodbye!

    Hello and Goodbye!

    November 17, 2011

    Leg 1 Day 13 Blog from Amory

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