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After Hours Idol

December 2011

  • After Hours Idol: The King Of Ping

    After Hours Idol: The King Of Ping

    December 14, 2011

    With wrists of steel and hand-eye co-ordination that would even put Mr Miyagi and his chop sticks to shame, The King Of Ping stands out like a (literal) sore thumb in PUMA Social clubs everywhere. Their blurred image reminiscent of a sporting Medusa or Forrest Gump in his army years, they pounds balls and inspire awe wherever they go!

November 2011

  • After Hours Idol: The Party Animal

    After Hours Idol: The Party Animal

    November 28, 2011

    First to arrive, last to leave, there is always one instantly recognisable character amongst a bunch of late night PUMA Socialites. They are the glue that binds us, they can tell a mean joke and will take on all-comers in any PUMA Social activity you care to mention, regardless of their ability to remain vertical whether it’s sunrise or sunset!  

  • After Hours Idol: The Number Hunter

    After Hours Idol: The Number Hunter

    November 01, 2011

    King Of PUMA Social Clubs and late night venues around the globe, the Number Hunter is a fairly unique and envied creature on the PUMA Social scene having honed his skills through hours of dedication, a devilish dress sense*, courage, confidence and the sort of magnetic personality that only the finest After Hours Athletes possess!

October 2011

  • After Hours Idol: The Strike Master

    After Hours Idol: The Strike Master

    October 19, 2011

    Bowling; the striking game of ten pins and one massive ball is enjoyed the world over thanks to the undeniable stress-relieving qualities of hurling something with all your might at an inanimate object that makes a surprisingly rewarding noise as a result (if you get it right that is)!

    But, in our vast experience of the great game of bowling, within every group of friends there always seems to be a Strike Master or two in attendance! You know, the late night sports legend who, despite sinking just as many drinks, continues to keep knocking down those pesky pins faster than a Voodoo doctor with a hatred for Barbie dolls!!

  • After Hours Idol: 3-Dart Wonder

    After Hours Idol: 3-Dart Wonder

    October 05, 2011

    Darts is a beautiful game and After Hours Athletes are pretty much biomechanically predisposed to succeed when playing! The game usually involves the corner of a loud bar or PUMA Social Club, incredible hand-eye co-ordination and most often, a frosty beverage in the non-throwing hand.

September 2011

  • After Hours Idol: 7-Ball Superstar

    After Hours Idol: 7-Ball Superstar

    September 27, 2011

    Whether you’re in an English snooker hall or an American bar under hot lights, there is no better feeling than 7-balling your fellow After Hours Athlete - the skill to clear the table without a response from your opponent requires concentration, precision and expertise, and according to the age-old pool scriptures, the ensuing consequences are probably even more enjoyable...

    So, we here at PUMA Social HQ felt it only right to celebrate the late night hero that is: The 7-Ball Superstar!