Sweat Pretty

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Cara and her friends bust outta the gym for four hot new workouts in Sweat Pretty

Forget the same old same old routine of hitting the local gym or cramming into an overcrowded spinning class. Our very own golden girl, Golden Gloves champ Cara Castronuova, has test-driven three next-gen workouts that’ll get you and your crew out of your fitness rut, away from the computer, and back in action. Cara will share some of her signature boxing moves that keep her fighting fit. Then, she and her friends will introduce you to three gym-free workouts: trapeze c lass, stand-up paddle boarding and the fireman’s workout.

Text your girls, slip on your PUMAs , then head outdoors for one, or all, of these butt-kicking, heart-pumping, endorphin-producing outdoor workouts. Yeah, you’ll get more fit for sure but you’ll have fun doing it, which is really more the point. Teamwork and a little healthy competition among girlfriends is the perfect way to get the adrenaline going (and kick butt with your besties). Step away from the "key bored” and get it on in real time. Let’s go …

Watch a new episode with @CaraCastronuova and fellow PUMA trainers @AngelaParkerFIT and @MelOckerby each week. Come back for photos, behind the scenes tidbits and first hand insight from each lesson. Tweet us your review (if you’re daring enough to try some of these workouts) @pumafitness using #sweatpretty.