Super Sketch Seoul

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Art goes analog at Seoul’s newest party night.

Digital is in. The typical Seoulite is surrounded by digital media at all times – giant LCD screens perched on top of buildings, little television screens on the subway cars advertising the newest touchpad, and, let’s not forget, the ever present smartphones which play the flashiest, digitally enhanced music videos. In this digital world, could analog make a comeback?

At Super Sketch, the answer is yes.

The Super Sketch series is a “hookup” between independent artists and musicians. In parties that are thrown across the city, Super Sketch Seoul combines live performance, music, and art with an audience that parties all night long. Who wouldn’t want to get down surrounded by an outpouring of surreal creativity? Just one more detail: Everything is completely analog.

Going to a Super Sketch party is like walking into your very own Wonderland minus the fake plastic sheen that comes with computer-rendered imagery. The vividness jumps out at you because it’s real: markers and paint, guitar and bass.

Held in different venues to keep things fresh, the latest in the series was at Collage+. We walked in to find boundary-pushing artists doodling their art live on vintage overhead projectors – you know, the ones your high school math teacher used – while bands provided a live soundtrack to the night.

Super Sketch is heaven for the After Hours Athlete, because once you walk in the door, you’re part of the performance. Without its inhabitants, this imaginative world is nothing but background scenery. Come join like-minded folks to bring alive the eclectic, beautiful mess of visuals and sounds. Plus you can chat with artists and musicians, who casually mingle with the crowd after their set or before their turn on the projectors.

Sometimes, going back to basics is just what the doctor ordered.

Photos courtesy of Ben Linares